Sunday, October 1, 2017

8 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Smart Bedroom and Improve Sleep

A bedroom is a place that can have a huge impact on your life. Most smart technology related to bedrooms focuses on sleep and for good reason. Sleep makes you feel well and perform at your best. There are many ways to improve your bedroom, and some can be quite cheap. Options range from simple things like lighting to more challenging things like replacing mattresses.

1. Let's start with lighting. There are many great options here. 
One of my favorite options is the Philips Hue they do a great job but are quite expensive and are not perfectly designed for sleep. More recently I discovered the holi sleep enhancing lights these are actually really cool because not only do they offer soothing light to help you sleep and more blue light to help you wake up quicker they can also connect to many fitness monitors to watch you sleep.

2. If you want to improve your sleep, you should start by tracking it.
On the topic of sleep tracking, many options allow you to track your sleep without wearing anything. Some of these include pads you put under your sheets like the Beddit 3. There are also options you can attach to your pillow like the Sense Sleep System 

3.  Your mattress could use an upgrade
If you are sleeping on a bundle of springs from a few decades ago, you could probably use an upgrade but are all of these new cool foam mattresses really better. For starters, one big advantage is there usually very compressible for shipping. This is often their main selling point. A better option for smart rooms is to get something like Sleep Number bed. these offer the ability to adjust the firmness until you find your ideal spot. Plus many feature an adjustable reclining ability so watching TV can be more comfortable.

4. Clean air is a must especially if you have allergies.
The best solution for a smart room is to have the air purifier detect the particles and adjust its speed accordingly. The Germ Guardian does all of this and even allows you to monitor air quality 24/7 from anywhere due to its wifi connectivity. I find that I even have to vacuum less by using the air purifier.

5. Getting a robot to clean your floor
A dirty room certainly doesn't feel smart and what better way to clean it than with a robotic vacuum cleaner or floor scrubber. iRobot has been on top for a long time and for good reason. They really are one of the best options, but this comes at quite a high price. If you're looking for something cheaper the Pure Clean Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a great option. I've talked out about this vacuum before, but briefly, it lacks a lot of the automation features that make them feel smarter and may require you to help it a little more often if it gets stuck. Otherwise, it's a great option for anyone on a tight budget.
6. Open and close your blinds automatically.
MySmartBlinds allows you to control your blinds and schedule when they tilt to automate your bedroom and never have to think of them again. An added benefit is they charge using solar power so you don't even have to worry about changing the batteries. They can even save you money on your energy bill by better regulating when light is coming in.

7. A sleep guard can prevent you from having nightmares. It's like a modern dreamcatcher
The Lully Sleep Guardian 2 is an incredible device that vibrates just once a night at a well-timed moment to reduce or eliminate nightmares. This could be a life changer for people that suffer from nightmares or who have kids that are terrorized by them.

8. Finally, you need to start your day right with a natural alarm. 
Although depending on what other features you choose this may be redundant but many people will need a good smart alarm clock. One great option is Philips Wake-Up Light which lets you wake up to natural sunrise simulation. This is particularly nice if you aren't planning on purchasing smart lighting since some of those will do this anyway.

What would I still like to see?
There are many things I would still like. For one thing, I would like to see a beverage dispenser that can chill and dispense a variety of different drinks. Other things include a virtual assistant that's better connected. If Alexia were more reliable at controlling the many devices it would be great, but it still needs a lot of improvement.

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