Monday, April 24, 2017

You no longer have to spend a fortune to get a robotic vacuum Pure Clean

Update: This is more of a floor sweeper than a vacuum. If you want something that has good suction and cleans multiple surfaces well I would recommend the iRobot Roomba 690

If you think you have to spend $300 dollars on a robotic vacuum this will come as quite a surprise to you. Not only can this clean floors it can even handle pet hair. Something the original Roomba couldn't even handle. It will clean for quite a while up to 90 minutes on a charge. This will keep your home very clean with minimal effort. It works great on hard floors too and will keep you from needing to drag out your broom and dustpan.

The only problem this unit does have is that it can get caught on rugs and doesn't work on high pile carpeting. It may also get caught on different things around the home so you may find yourself robot proofing, but that can be a problem with any unit. It also lacks the ability to program so that it stays away from specific areas and you have to manually start it up. At this price, it really is a steal and I am surprised it works as well as it does.

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