Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Appreciated Update to Apple Carplay

I have a long commute and enjoy using Apple Carplay. I love the ease of use and the ability to call people safely and message hands-free. There are a couple recent of updates to Carplay in IOS 10.3.1. First, I am happy to see they improved music playback when using google maps. It's not quite as offensive as it was when speaking directions, although I am not sure that it wasn't just me. Pandora also didn't glitch out the first time I used it although that will require further testing. It would often be slow and not smooth when starting in the past. Unfortunately, podcasts still pause when maps is speaking directions, but at least they don't seem to crash as much. The most notable thing they added was an easier way to switch between recent apps. As you can see in the upper left, they added three buttons which will take you to recently used apps. It used to be that only maps would show up in that corner so if you went from Pandora to Maps you couldn't just jump back to Pandora that same way, but now you can. These may be minor updates, but since they get rid a few of the negatives I had with Carplay, they are welcomed.


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