Saturday, June 22, 2019

How you can beat the Chase Freedom 5% on Streaming Services

The next quarterly category for the Chase Freedom Card includes 5% cash back on streaming services. The Chase Freedom points can be very valuable because they can be transferred to the Sapphire cards where The Points Guy values them at 2 cents a point. I personally value them at about 1.5 cents a point. But what I like to do for streaming services is to buy discount gift cards on Currently, Hulu gift cards are 6.7% off, Netflix 3.2% off and iTunes 5.9% off. Plus you can get another 1% back from sites like Swagbucks and 1.5% back by paying with the Chase Freedom Unlimited. Raise also often offers promo codes like the one today that gives 4% off everything although I don't believe it can be combined with Swagbucks shop and earn. Either way, you can do better than 5% back and even better than 10% off if you wait for a promo code.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Credit Shifu Wallet

I was looking for a new wallet because the travel wallet I've been carrying for a few years now is just too thick to be comfortable. Also, I don't keep much cash on me and have transferred most of my store cards to my phone. I found The Credit Shifu RFID blocking minimalist wallet. This wallet is very compact even fully loaded its about half the thickness of my old wallet. It has a nice feel and holds cards securely, something I was worried about with this style wallet. If you're interested in a new compact wallet check out The Credit Shifu Store. The Credit Shifu is not a sponsor, but offers lots of great info on credit cards and I am a big fan of his Youtube channel. Check out his YouTube channel to learn about getting free travel and perks through credit cards.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Finding Myself in the Alternative Income World

I haven't posted in a while because I've changed a lot over the past few months. I talk a lot about making money on this blog and how I earn money. Lately, I've taken a break from most of my online income activities, including taking surveys and watching paid videos at least for the most part. Honestly, burnout is a large part of it as well the dissatisfaction with sites not crediting for surveys and offers. Many reward sites have a terrible practice of allowing their users to be abused by the surveys and offers while blaming the partners for not paying. An honest reward site should hold their partners accountable to prevent abuse to their loyal users. Many of these surveys string users along for a while before disqualifying them or even let users successfully complete them and still give payment.

3 Ways I Still Make Extra Money

First I found a new app I love StepBet. Here you place a bet committing to meet your step goals and if you don't you lose your bet. If you do complete your goals you get to split the pot with the other winners. It's great motivation to get your steps in and be more active. Most StepBets are about $40 and last 6 weeks. I normally make about $8 from a StepBet like that. Pretty good earnings just for doing what you should.

Next, I still do paid search through Bing and Swagbucks. This makes a little bit of money and is worth it because I search the internet anyway. Bing tends to be my go to search engine especially when I am on mobile.

I still think about maximizing cash back when shopping. I like to use Ebates or Swagbucks as well as to save money on gift cards. I have also added into the mix credit cards cash back and sign up bonuses. My current two favorite cards are the Discover It and the Chase Freedom. Both of these have rotating categories that give 5% cash back. I recently got the Chase Freedom which gave me a bonus worth $150. Not bad for a free card with good cash back categories. The Discover It will give a $50 sign up bonus if you use this link, plus you get cash back match at the end of the first year.

I've changed a lot and am not sure if I will ever go back to surveys. I do plan to continue looking for ways to earn money for things I do anyway like exercise and searching the web. I have also become interested in learning about credit cards and how to get the most benefit out of them.

None of these companies are sponsors, but some of the links are referral links and I will get paid if you sign up through them.

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