Sunday, October 29, 2017

How technology can lead to totally passive income

Learn how technology can lead to totally passive incom

While most online income sources require some work on the part of the user. There are a couple of ways to earn at least a small amount of money with little to no work on the part of the user.

One of my favorite ways is through the Achievement App. All you have to do is make an account download the app and link a few health apps. Then just kick back and watch the money roll in. While it's not a ton of money you can pretty much just set it up and forget it. The cashout amount is $10 which can take a while to build up to.

Achievement an easy way to make completely passive income

Another great source is the Panel App. After downloading the app and making an account you simply have to allow the app to access your location and you see the money start rolling in. I don't even have notifications turned on for my phone, but if you want to increase your income you can take the short surveys. For this, while not required, I would recommend having a phone where the GPS battery drain won't be too much of an issue. It works great on my iPhone 7 plus.

Allow them to track where you go in order to earn passive income

There are also many options that require minimum effort. The Swagbucks apps allow you to watch videos and can earn quite a bit of money with little effort at least for the first $0.10 per an app. Inbox Dollars has a similar app where you can easily earn more than $0.50 a day. These can be even better if you have an old phone you no longer use. That way you don't kill the battery on your main phone.

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