Sunday, March 25, 2018

3 Apps that Pay you to Workout

There are a number of apps that will pay you to work out. The majority of these apps will pay you simply for walking and chances are if you have a smartphone its already counting those steps.While the length of time to cash out on most of these apps is quite long you are getting paid for something you should be doing anyway.

1. Achievement
I have been using this site for a couple of years now. This app allows you to earn rewards for simply linking your health apps. It can be difficult to know exactly what apps qualify, but I find with only a couple apps linked the earning are quite reasonable. The payment threshold is only $10 so for allowing them to passively track your health data you get an extra $10 every so often. You can also complete short surveys in-app to earn extra points.

2. Sweatcoin
This is the app pays you to walk outdoors that everyone's been talking about lately. It's a great app and actually has the potential to pay quite well. At about 10K steps outdoors a day you can get about $50 a year. Pretty good for just walking. This app has an interesting twist to it where you can upgrade to higher earning limit tiers using the Sweatcoins you earn. It's actually a pretty good deal even if you only max out a few days out of the month.

3. Earthmiles
Earthmiles allows you to earn credits by connecting your health apps. While this app has large rewards store it mostly offers discounts on different health and wellness products. I like the feel of the app and it's easy to use, but don't quite feel as rewarded as by the other apps. I am interested in seeing where this app goes in the future.

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