Sunday, December 3, 2017

iOS 11.2 bringing faster wireless charging, Apple Pay Cash and a huge list of bug fixes

iPhone X showing iMessage with Apple Pay Cash
Apple broke their normal schedule by pushing a weekend update for iOS 11.2. This was probably due to the Dec. 2nd crash bug. This update adds the much anticipated Apple Pay Cash allowing one to send or request cash using Apple Pay in the Messaging App (Although currently not active.). It also allows for faster charging at 7.5W Qi Wireless speeds if you have a compatible charger. They also included a large list of updates and bug fixes in this version visit for a complete list.

The real question here is should you update. I give it a cautious yes. If you are a developer there was no Xcode update so you may run into some issues there. Otherwise, it seems to be a good update with very little noise related to it.

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