Monday, December 11, 2017

Decorating a Smart Home to Make it Actually Look Smart

A lot of what makes a Smart Home smart is that it has a smart decor. While this will vary a lot from person to person, I personally think it needs to be clean and uncluttered. This can be very difficult for people living in smaller spaces, but clever designs can make up for this. Minimizing clutter can also help reduce issues of robotic vacuums and floor scrubbers from getting stuck.

Another huge factor is the choice of material. Things don't need to be synthetic to look smart. In fact, I find that natural floors and counters look good. Stainless steel appliances tend to look smart, but if you can afford it, things like smart stovetops and refrigerators can really add to the feel. Unfortunately, there aren't too many options yet if you want a fridge that can automatically pour you an ice cold soda or make you a snack.

In general, if you want something to look smart you need it to look modern and sensible. It should be well lit with adjustable lighting and it should be easy to control. Everything should seamlessly fit together. 


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