Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review of Mixcder ShareMe Headphones

If you are looking for great over-ear Headphones at a moderate price look no further. The build quality is great and the audio is better than you would expect at this price. They are well balanced, not too bassy, but give just enough. They have nice controls I like having the volume buttons built in and even have a built-in microphone. The battery life is unbelievable, they truly last 30 plus hours and then charge up quite quickly.

One of the best features these headphones have is that they allow you to plug in a second pair of headphones into the 3.5 mm jack. This allows you to share the connection with someone else or even use them as a Bluetooth dongle if you don't feel like having over ear headphones on, like say your lying in bed. Sometimes I plug in my in-ear earphones just so I can have only one ear in at a time. You can also use the ShareMe feature to connect multiple pairs wirelessly which can be very nice if multiple people want to listen to something late at night.

The only thing I don't like about these is that it feels like your holding down the power button for a very long time before the device comes on. Also, some of the buttons aren't quite as responsive as I would like. Sometimes I end up going too far when adjusting the volume because I pressed the button too many times before I could hear a change. The microphone is also a little lacking it works if you need to use it for a quick call, but it's not something you should be purchasing these for.

Overall these are great headphones that I would recommend to anyone looking for a great pair of headphones. They have features that you won't even find in many $300 pairs. If these are your first wireless headphones you will truly appreciate the freedom of being detached from your devices.

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