Saturday, April 15, 2017

Choosing the best antivirus software

These days it's easy to feel like the built-in antivirus tools on you PC are enough to protect you, but it's still best to have a paid version running. My current favorite program for PCs is Norton. I find that it's much cheaper if you buy it on Amazon rather than going directly to Norton. I also found that even if you're a current subscriber, you can still extend you membership by buying it from Amazon so you never have to pay full price.

My old favorite antivirus program was Trend Micro which is still great, but no longer my favorite. They still do offer great protection and features, but I would no longer buy the product. They do offer an excellent free virus scan which can be a wonderful second check if you think you have a virus that Norton didn't catch.

Another company I've used for many years was McCafe. I figured they were great, but one of my family members got a serious virus while it was supposed to be protecting them. They even ended up having to use free spyware and virus tools to remove them. It crazy that a free program will detect viruses that a paid program will let slip right by. They really need to step up their game.

Now back to why I like Norton first it seems to have the least impact on computer performance. Not only that it also has some built-in tools to keep your computer running quickly. Like all of them, it tells you when you need to scan your computer and is very good at identifying threats. It frequently comes out on top for detecting new viruses. I have a high level of trust that it will be able to detect and block viruses and also that it will be able to remove tracking cookies and other threats during scans.

For mobile devices, I don't use the included protection from Norton. Instead, I use the app Look Out which is free to use. It can detect a variety of threats and will also notify you when your device needs to update. It will also back up your contacts which is a nice feature in case you need to reset your device.

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