Friday, December 15, 2017

Let me show you how you can get an essentially free 64 GB iPhone X right now

While the iPhone X 64 GB seems very expensive. It can actually be quite affordable. I am not going to say you can get it for free since it does require some work on your part. If you do follow this plan faithfully it will not hurt your budget at all since your earning its entire value, plus since chances are you currently have some phone you could sell it or use it to earn even more money. 

Let's get started. The first step is to determine how much the iPhone will actually cost you on a daily basis. I find it's much easy to earn enough money to pay for something if I know how much money I will need to earn on average to pay for it. Let's assume we want to join the Apple Upgrade Program. This program costs $49.91/mo. for 24 months and includes Apple Care. This program also allows you to upgrade your iPhone after 12 months. Although, this does reset your contract at 24 months. If you are someone who buys Apple Care anyway, it essentially just lets you spread the cost of the iPhone across two years for free. So what does it cost daily? For simplicity sake, I am going to say 

$49.91/30days = $1.664  I am going to round up to $1.67 to ensure we always have enough money.

See if we break it down by cost per a day its really not that much money. 

First, you can easily make $0.50 through the Inbox Dollars mobile app. If you sign up for Inbox Dollars and download the Android app you can watch videos for up to $0.50 a day. Plus you can get 1-2 paid emails a day which pay $0.02 each just for confirming them. 

Next, I would recommend signing up for Microsoft Rewards if you aren't already a member. You will get paid $0.15/day just to search the web and read news on a computer and another $0.10 to search the web and read news on the app. I really like their mobile app. It makes it easy to find the cheapest gas, a popular movie or even a good place to eat. It's also nice to have the built-in QR code reader and barcode scanner.

Finally, its pretty easy to make the rest from Swagbucks. This site allows you to earn money by searching the web, playing games and watching videos. I tend to average about $0.08 per a search reward although you can randomly earn much more.  I've even gotten $1 in a single search before. It's easy to get at least two search rewards a day if you regularly use their search engine. Next, I like to play Swag Jump for another $0.10 a day. You can also watch videos on their apps and earn at least $0.30 a day. Then by completing just 1 survey, you can earn at least $0.40. Bringing your total for Swagbucks to at least $0.96 a day. This is often enough to make your Swagbucks Daily Goal, giving you an added bonus at the beginning of the following month. You can learn more about making your Daily Goals here.

Let's see how we did.

$0.52 from Inbox Dollars
$0.25 from Microsoft Rewards
$0.96 from Swagbucks
Total = $1.73/day

Not only can we easily make the goal of $1.67/day for an iPhone X we exceeded it by $0.06. That amounts to about $1.80 a month extra. Now don't worry too much about making exactly $1.73 a day. Instead worry more about averaging a $1.67. I find that some days it's easy for me to make more than $2.00 on Swagbucks alone which gives a little more wiggle room on days that its harder for me to earn. Although I always find it worth doing the easier tasks like searching the web. Now you see how easy it can be to get a free iPhone X. This exercise is a little bit simplistic in that it doesn't take into account taxes and other fees you might incur, these will vary greatly between different individuals and this system can easily be adjusted to accommodate those differences.


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