Saturday, December 23, 2017

Apple is Slowing Down your Older Devices Due to Battery Degredation

Show the condition of my battery is at 97%
Apple has admitted to slowing down older devices to improve battery life. While this doesn't seem like a huge issue to me, it can pose some significant problems to many consumers. Since I am the type of person that would normally upgrade my devices before the battery would need to be replaced it doesn't affect me very much.

 I primarily see it as an issue because not knowing why your device is slowing down doesn't give you a solution to fix it.  My iPad Mini is only at 79% which I would consider reasonable considering its age and since that should still give me about 8 hours of use I just wonder how much Apple is slowing it down. Apple really needs to create some built-in battery diagnostic tools.

Solutions Apple Needs to Immediately Implement 
  1. Add visible battery diagnostic tools
  2. Let consumers know when they are slowing down their device due to a bad battery
  3. Automatically tell consumers when their battery needs to be replaced
In the meantime, if your interested in seeing how your battery is performing you can download the Battery Life App by Victor Robinson. There are a couple of options, but this is the one I used. You can simply open the app and see what percent of your original battery life your phone is working with.

If you haven't completely drained your battery in a while the Battery Life App may be inaccurate and you should probably allow your phone to completely drain before charging next to let it recalibrate. Keeping in mind that completely draining your battery too often isn't good for it. If you find your battery is in terrible condition there are a number of options to replace it.

3 Ways to Replace an Aging iPhone Battery
  1. Replace it directly with Apple for $79 now $29 for iPhones and $99 for iPads
  2. Take it to a third party battery store such as Battery Plus  for around $60-$70
  3. Replace it yourself by buying a battery placement kit from iFixit for $25-$50
As you can see there are a number of options to replace your battery and even from Apple $79 isn't too bad to restore normal functionality for your phone if you plan to use it for a lot longer.

The biggest problem I have with Apple is that they weren't honest about. If they would have come out from the start and said we need to slow down your device as the battery ages to prevent it from dying all the sudden it would be much less concerning.

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