Tuesday, May 9, 2017

6 Essentials for your Daily Commute

I have had 3 different difficult commutes over the years and through them, I have learned some of the essentials to carry with me. One key thing you learn from having a difficult commute is that you never want to forget anything you might need, but also any added weight can make things tough.

1. Travel Mug
A good leak proof travel coffee mug is a must. Especially if you need coffee as much as I do. The model from Klean Kanteen offers a great Leakproof Cafe Cap 2.0. It's also BPA free and has an easy to clean stainless steel interior. I found this works very well for biking and hiking and can keep things hot or cold for hours. If you want something cheaper the Eco2 is a great option as well.

2. Portable Power
This one will depend a lot on what you need to carry and whether your cell phone can make it through a full day. I use the PNY 10400 power bank which is quite heavy. I would probably look for something light unless you need that much power to get through the day. If you want something cheaper or light check out the Ravpower stick

3. A Toothbrush
This is a great thing to have even if you brush your teeth before you leave. You never know when you will want to brush your teeth.

4. Snacks
This can be a difficult one. The easiest things to carry tend to be dry snacks, but sometimes when you get dehydrated, this is the last thing you would want. I like to carry a back of Belvita Breakfast Biscuits with me because they will keep you full for a long time. I also like granola bars and almost always have one of those in my bag.

It can also be nice to have some powdered drinks on hand in case you get thirsty but are in the mood for something refreshing other than water. I am a big fan of Propel  Packets, and they take up almost no space in your bag.

5. Instant Coffee Tubes
I am a big fan of instant coffee tubes for my afternoon cup of coffee. My favorite one is Tasters Choice Hazelnut, but I also like Starbuck's Via Latte. The biggest problem here is finding a source of hot water. What I used to do was carry ceramic mug to heat some water in a microwave and put it in my travel mug, since you can't microwave stainless steel, but this was heavy. Now I have access to a hot water dispenser so it no longer an issue.


6. Good Backpack to carry it all in
The one I use is from High Sierra. At times I wish it were a little bit more compact, but it works well for the most part. It's nice because I can fit everything I need in it and it keeps everything organized.

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