Saturday, May 13, 2017

3 high tech foods of the future you can get right now

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There are many futuristic foods out there attempting to change the way we eat. Some of them claim to be better for the environment, others last almost forever, and others still claim to
be able to feed the world. Although many of these aren't something I would want to eat regularly, they do offer some interesting possibilities.

1. Soylent Complete Meal Replacement Shake
First on any list discussing futuristic foods needs to be a completely liquid diet that can be purchased as either a Powder or a Liquid. In a way, I like to look at this as the ultimate fast food. Not only can it be purchased ready to go it can be a cheaper faster alternative to fast food although it is better cold which could be difficult if you're on the go. It even comes in a few different flavors so you can shake things up. You do lose the satisfying feel of eating by drinking your nutrition making it something you probably wouldn't want to try and live off of.

2. Wise Long Lasting Dried Food Packets.
These are a great option if you're looking for easy to cook and grab food that will last for years if you need it to. They claim it will last at least 30 years if you don't need it before then making it a great option for emergency food. While these could be a great option for camping as well they also have mixed reviews. Some people love them and some people seem to hate them. Either way, they are a super light and compact way to carry a lot of calories.

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3. Life Caps
These claim to keep you functioning as close to normal as possible when going for days without food. Currently, they appear to be sold out and may have gone out of business. I am surprised because they actually had pretty good reviews. They would be a great option for emergency packs, although I am not sure how safe they are.

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