Saturday, January 12, 2019

Has Technology Gotten Boring

Every year I am excited to read the news article coming from the Consumer Electronics Show. I always love to see what products may come out over the next few years if ever, but lately, it seems like its getting boring. While they keep coming out with interesting products nothing seems that new. 5G has been talked about for years now. TVs get better every year and while they are cool it's not like its anything worth upgrading too yet. Even computers have progressed so slowly that the flagship models don't seem different from what was offered a few years ago outside of a few gimmicky features.


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  4. As of late, I was engaged with a conversation on Google+ about the new Motorola X telephone. A great deal of the individuals on those posts hammered the telephone for different reasons - cost, bolted boot loader, and so forth There were additionally a lot of thumps on the way that it didn't have a quad-center processor like the S4 or HTC One which were evaluated also. What they neglected to get a handle on is that whether the maker utilized 1, 2, 4, or 8 centers in the end has no effect as long as the telephone can convey a serious (or even best of class) include set, usefulness, cost, and client experience.


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