Friday, November 3, 2017

How to easily make an extra $1 a day

Learn how to easily make an extra dollar a day

I have been learning how to make money online for years. One thing I found is that making a goal can help ensure you are earning at a consistent rate. It can also help enormously if you know exactly how you are going to earn that money. That's why I am going to write out exactly how you can earn a dollar a day. It also helps if you have something in mind you are saving your money for. Initially, I started out hoping to get an iPhone. I did get an iPhone although not when or how I initially expected. My first iPhone was a refurbished iPhone 5S that I got off of Groupon for about $150. Eventually, once I was a little better off, I started looking at things differently. I started looking at whether I could make all of my devices pay for themselves, which I have been pretty successful at. A great place to start is with a $1 a day, but I will try to make future posts as I learn is ways to expand that.

1. Earn your first 25 cents each day on and Bing Mobile app
This is probably the easiest way to earn money. You can get about 15 cents from the desktop website and another 10 cents from the mobile app. This is a great opportunity if you like to keep up on the news. I usually browse through the news on the mobile app and at least look at the top news on the desktop which pretty much gets me to 25 cents a day.

2. Earn another 10 cents playing simple games on Swagbucks.
It's very easy to earn money playing games like Swag Jump. I typically earn 2 cents every other game which doesn't take long at all.

3. Earn 10 cents watching videos on the Swagbucks Watch app
While this can be a little more time consuming it's pretty easy to earn 10 cents a day using these apps, but it is possible to earn much more if your willing to put in the time.

4. Earn 52 cents watching short videos on the Inbox Dollars Mobile app
This is a great app which allows you to watch videos and earn a fair amount of money. This is a much less glitchy app than most which is why I recommend going to the 50 cent limit. It also has a nice scratch off after most videos where you can earn even more money. Inbox Dollars also normally sends at least one paid email a day worth 2 cents.

5. There are a few different options for the final few cents.
First Swagbucks gives out daily Swag Codes usually worth anywhere from 2-4 cents. The mobile app and the Swag Button browser app will notify you when they become available. I also recommend installing apps like Achievement and The Panel App which pay a few cents a day basically just for having them installed.

If you follow these 5 simple steps you can easily earn a $1 a day. You can feel free to work in your own favorite sites to the mix and if you happen to earn a little more on one site you can ease up on some of the others or continue on for even higher earnings.


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