Monday, September 4, 2017

Great Laptops Under $300

Most people wouldn't consider a $300 laptop worth much. Many of them offer incredible features and still have a great build quality all at reasonable prices.

1. First on any budget laptop list would have to be the HP Stream. It is a great laptop for browsing the web. While it may not be a thousand dollar laptop the build quality is great. The storage is low at 32GB, but is more than sufficient these days with cheap cloud storage.

2. Next on my list would have to be the this Asus laptop. It is quite similar to the HP Stream with a few different features built. Overall, like the stream the build quality is great and it is quite a sleek computer.

3. If you need a slightly larger laptop this computer includes a 15.6 inch touchscreen. The main drawback with this computer is that it has a standard HDD instead of an SSD and it tends to run a little bit hotter and slower than most laptops on this list.

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