Friday, May 12, 2017

Tesla Plans to Start Selling Solar Roof Tiles this Year

Tesla plans to start selling solar roof tiles, and it looks like they will be an obvious choice when compared to conventional roofing. Not only will they last longer they can produce electricity making them cheaper overall. On top of that, they argue that they look nicer than conventional roofing.

I have been a fan of solar power for a long time. Although unlike many people I kind of like the look of traditional solar panels too. The pictures on their site do look gorgeous. If I had a house, I would want to sign up now.

They don't go into a lot of detail on how much power they will produce. They do say that you can get regular tiles and solar tiles to optimize it for the amount of power you need for you home. They even offer a power calculator to estimate how much of your roof should be solar in order to meet your needs and calculates how much the value of the power produced will be over 30 years.

This plays well along with the Powerwall they released previously and will likely significantly help its sales although at a steep price tag of $7000. This allows excess power produced during the day to be used in the evening and also offers some protection from power outages. A nice feature and I would be interested to see how well it works for on grid homes during an outage.

Overall I think this is a great step forward for the company. Not only does it bring them further into the home power world it maintains their brand quality.  I really appreciate that they put in the effort to make a stronger better roof on top of the fact that it produces power.

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