Monday, September 6, 2021

4 things I want to see in the iPhone 13



Next week Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 13. Rumors are everywhere right now and I thought I would share a few things I would like to see.

Face ID that works with a mask on. 

I know that you can unlock your phone using Face ID if you have an Apple Watch, but this is really just a workaround by letting you relock the phone using the Apple Watch if someone happens to unlock it. I would love it if Apple manages a secure system to recognize me using Face ID. I think this would be huge and eliminate the need for an under-screen Touch ID.

Always on Display.

While this is not a deal-breaker it would be nice to see an always-on display. Many phones these days have them and being able to always see details like the date and time would be very useful to me. 

120Hz ProMotion Display

A smooth ProMotion display was anticipated at last year's events. This highly requested feature would be nice to see finally come through. This should be good for gaming and give a smoother feel when moving around the user interface.

Smaller Notch

It would be nice to see a smaller notch or a notch-less iPhone 13. While I don't mind the notch that much and am very used to it. It seems logical to regain some of that screen real estate for information and maybe even not have to pull down the control center to see the battery percentage.


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