Saturday, July 6, 2019

How much money can you make just from walking?

I've noticed a number of apps that will pay you to take steps or let you bet on weekly goals. My aim here is to analyze how much you can really make on a weekly basis from these apps.

Here is the list of apps I'm using

  1. StepBet
  2. FitPotato
  3. Achievement
  4. Sweatcoin
  5. Million Steps

StepBet is a great app. StepBet lets you wager a bet that you will complete weekly goals over a set period of time usually 6 weeks. If you purchase a membership you can play 3 games at once. I typically average just over $8.00 a StepBet and can earn that on average every two weeks. Subtracting $1.90 for the membership fees I get $6.10 every two weeks or about $3.05 a week. Pretty good, but this does require the upfront money for membership and bets.

FitPotato is another good app. Here you wager $5 a week to meet step goals of 6000 steps on three days in a week. Pretty easy goals and you can earn about $0.80 a week.

Achievement will pay you for all sorts of healthy activities. I really like this app and its pretty passive, but it only pays about $0.12 a week for steps if you take just over 6000 steps a day.

Sweatcoin is a fun app that converts steps taken outdoors into Sweatcoins. This app pays pretty well, but the rewards are very high. To get cash you need $1000 worth. For about 5250 outdoor steps a day you will get about $0.25 week, but to be practical you will need to do much more than that.

Finally, Million Steps gives you about $0.35 a week for taking 5000 steps a day. Pretty straightforward, but I believe it requires daily check in.

In total, you can earn about $4.57 a week using these paid step apps all with moderate goals. You may want to leave out Sweatcoin unless you take lots of outdoor steps. Overall, $4.57 is not bad and these goals can help improve your health.


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