Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tips to stretch your Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings even further

How to save even more money on Black Friday

If your looking to save someone this weekend there are a few steps you can take to stretch your money a little further.

1. Make sure your actually getting a good deal. 
I use honey to track prices on Amazon and on other sites it can even find promo codes for you. This helps you see whether they raised the prices just before in order to make discounts look bigger. I also like to do a search on Google shopping to see which retailers are offering the best prices.

2. Make sure you're getting cash back
Check the current cash back at Ebates and Swagbucks to make sure your getting the most money back you can.

3. Buy discount gift cards when you can
I usually buy my discount gift cards from Raise but there are many options these days. Personally, I like Raise because they give you a 1 year guarantee on purchases. You can also find some good deals on My Gift Cards Plus through Swagbucks.

4. Use a cash back credit card
Finally, this isn't for everyone and requires you to pay it off in full to make any money, but it can be a great idea to double up on cash back from a credit card when shopping. I just recently got the Discover It card which is currently giving 5% cash back at Amazon and Target. A great deal if you shop at either of those places.

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