Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I don't normally talk about investments but I find the ROBO GLOBAL ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION INDEX ETF particularly interesting. If you are looking for a new investment it is definitely worth taking a look at it. I have often thought that if there is a risk of robots taking over our jobs we might as well profit from them. 

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As you can see from the stock ticker this index fund has done extraordinarily well this year. Although considering that this fund covers a relatively small area, it is likely not diverse enough to own alone and does carry significant risk. This fund also has the downside of the expense ratio being a touch high at roughly 0.95%. Dividends are virtually nonexistent at 0.14%. The yield has been unbelievable this year with a YTD of more than 33% at the time of writing this. I believe that all the talk of automation these days has worked to drive the whole sector up.

How you can buy this ETF. Well, one great way is to invest in the Robots Rising fund in the Stash App. I have recently been using Stash and have been really enjoying it. Other options are Vanguard and Etrade. It's best to way the options of cost and convenience when deciding which service to use.

For more information Stash has a nice article on this as well

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